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Friday, June 21, 2013


Assalam oalaikum,

Generally speaking, an animal sacrifice requires some amount of time because firstly, a butcher needs to be hired. Secondly, the meat has to be distributed amongst the poor people. This can also be quite time-consuming so some people prefer handing over the sadqa meat to a Madarsa (an Islamic religious school where students can live also).

The person who offers an animal sacrifice also has the option of either distributing the meat raw or cooked. If he decides to distribute some meat preparation instead of raw meat then this may require extra time. Nevertheless, it may be more rewarding because getting so much meat cooked by a professional cook requires more planning, patience as well as money.
If we can take out so much time from our daily schedules then an animal sacrifice is possible. However, many of us have jam-packed schedules and therefore, face paucity of time. With deadlines to meet, erratic working hours, meetings to attend and lots of pending work to be done, it is difficult to find enough ‘me time’.
If this rings a familiar tone then you may also be the one who is caught up in life so you may be pressed for time. However, if there is a will there is a way so once you make up your mind nothing is impossible. Internet technology has made our life much easier and simpler. The ways in which internet technology facilitates our lives is mind boggling. Internet provides us with lots of Islamic knowledge, online Arabic learning facility, Quran downloading facility etc. So, animal sacrifice cannot be far behind.
Moreover, in some countries like Pakistan an animal sacrifice costs a fraction of the cost when compared to the western countries. So if a person places an order for an online sadqa in Pakistan, then not only will he have to spend much less but he may also be saved the trouble of having to do the sadqa all by himself. Undoubtedly, Islamic rituals such as an animal sacrifice can be done much conveniently in an Islamic country than in a non-Islamic country.

Therefore, placing an online order for the best quality cows and goats through an Islamic country will not be a bad idea. It can save a lot of your precious time and energy and it may also help you in performing an Islamic ritual for purification of your wealth and earning Allah (swt)’s Goodwill.      

Amel soname contact

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